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The county seat with a population of 846 in 1998. The name Eads was in honor of James Buchanan Eads, who built the Eads Bridge that crosses the Mississippi River near St. Louis Mo. Established in 1887 after a couple of name changes (Dayton and New Dayton) and site change. Eads is now located on US highway 287 and Colorado 96.

Eads Web cam Underground Weather has taken the webcam offline. We are working to get it back online )
Eads Webcam
On the web cam, you can see the following, from left to right -
 Slater Building-built in 1908.  Future site of the National Park Service visitor's center and research center.  Plaster was removed, revealing the original brick facade.
Murdock Building Rehabilitation
Whitelaw Building-built 1908-1910.  Future site of Eads Senior Citizen's Center on lower floor, National Park Service on second floor.
Schoggen Building-built 1930-1931.  Future site of Eads Senior Citizen's Center on lower floor, National Park Service on second floor.
The following is from Janet Frederick, Administrative Technician, National Park Service.
The Town of Eads and the Murdock Building Rehabilitation - Sand Creek Massacre Site Visitor and Archival Center, and Eads Senior Citizens Center
 The Town of Eads was once the economic and social mainstay for the ranching and farming community of Kiowa County, but like many other small communities on Colorado's Eastern Plains, Eads experienced economic and population decline. As a result, many of its buildings, especially on its main street, fell into disuse and disrepair. Recognizing the importance of a healthy downtown, the community has been steadfast in working towards revitalization with an emphasis on preserving its historic commercial center.  This is being accomplished through intergovernmental efforts between the Town of Eads and Kiowa County in partnership with the National Park Service,  the Colorado Historical Society, the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Colorado Preservation, Inc., the local senior citizens, a local theater group, and the Governor's Energy Office, to name a few. Starting with the purchase and rehabilitation of the Bransgrove Building*, which is successfully completed, the community is now focused on projects like the Murdock Building (the Slater, Whitelaw and Schoggen building combination), the Crow Luther Cultural Events Center, and the American Legion Hall, with the goal to adaptively reuse the community's few remaining historic buildings. Greater community needs will be met with a cultural arts center, senior center, theater, community gathering hall, and visitor center for the nearby nationally significant Sand Creek Massacre Site. With the help of their partners, the community supports these projects through various fundraising efforts with the hope of preserving the historic downtown and creating a vehicle to bring new social activity and sustainable employment to Eads.
*Bransgrove Building.  Previous historic restoration project which now houses a variety of offices and retail space is available.

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